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this is a space for those who feel lost around food and frustrated with their body.


while our individual challenges manifest in different ways (binge eating, digestive upset, weight loss, emotional eating, sugar cravings, weight gain, overeating, dieting, body hate), there is often a common thread to the patterns that show up individually:


there is a loss of connection to ourselves, our body and our inner guidance.


to move through these often uncomfortable and painful patterns, we turn our attention towards nourishing our connection to our mind, body, emotions and soul. 


often, somewhere in there, lies the answers to our struggles. 

we learn to listen to our body and to understand its language. we reconnect with our intuition and inner guidance. we begin to understand how our mind is at play in it all and we learn to truly care for our body. 


together we move beyond short term bandaid solutions and unearth the useful messages our body is working to communicate to us. 


my role is to help you listen to your body, to recognize its intelligence, to hear what its calling for, and use that information to support you and your goals. 

you already know and have many of the answers.


your body is already guiding you. 


let's get to work.

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have tried various diets with little or temporary success

be confused about what and how much to eat

have ongoing and harmful eating patterns

be experiencing digestive and gut related upset

feel stuck in a body you don't love

be experiencing anxiety and overthinking

be highly sensitive and intuitive

be binge eating, overeating, emotional eating

have food anxiety, digestive imbalances, low energy

be ready to do the inner and outer work


eat in a way that makes you feel good in your body

release harmful eating patterns

make peace with food so you can live more freely

letting go of guilt or shame

confidence in what and how much you are eating

learn to quiet the voice of your inner critic

build a bigger toolbox to ease emotional eating

find respect and love for yourself and your body

a more peaceful life, free of control/fear of food




in the 60 minute comprehensive session, we sink into the story of you.

we talk about what you are experiencing, what brought you here, and where you are seeking change.


we will work together to see a big-picture vision, with small actionable steps.



in these six 45min sessions we meet over two months. we dive in to support you and your vision.


i support you through the process while offering resources such as writing prompts, body connection practices, eating rituals, and soothing old beliefs.

there is continued support between sessions through ongoing email support.


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