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my patterns ranged from binge eating to overeating, to not eating, to dieting, to over exercising. these patterns gave me an escape from my life, momentarily soothing this messy inner world - but always leaving me feeling worse in the end. this battle against my body and myself went on for way too long.

it was during one of my travels that i landed in a yoga class. i knew this was an answer to my struggle when i walked out of my first class feeling light and calm for the first time in forever. 

as i contunued practicing yoga i noticed that my eating patterns softened, i felt calmer, and began to make choices that felt better both with food and with life. 

i ventured into holistic nutrition and then eating psychology to better understand how and why so many struggle like me with food, eating and their body. i now use this knowledge and experience to support others in finding more peace on their journey. 


now after 15 years of taking that first yoga class, 13 years of teaching and 7 years of working with clients, i am endlessly interested and committed to yoga and this work. i am blown away by its ability to heal and transform.

to all who supported me on this path: teachers, (many of which you can find below) friends, strangers, a random conversation, and my husband and two girls, thank you.

my early days were ideal. my parents moved to canada from switzerland with only a few words of english and a dream to farm. they worked through their startup struggles, had five kids and created a sweet life for all of us. 

farm life has a formula - show up, work hard, get results. being a sensitive soul, it was clear to me that emotions weren't very useful in the world. sensitivity didn't get shit done, it got in the way. 

as i got older, more experiences led me to learn to keep it together and hold it all inside. this approach backfired on me in many ways. as i stopped listening to my body, i began to hate it and how it looked. anxiety escalated along with tension and nervousness, i lost a sense of purpose and direction. i turned to or away from food for comfort and to cope.

teachers + trainings


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, ICYAS Toronto, On 2005

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Atlas Studio Waterloo, Ont


Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Semperviva Van, BC


Mentorship with

Carolyn Budgell Van, BC


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - Level 1 Van, BC


Teaching Meditation Intensive - Carolyn Budgell Van, BC


The 8 Limbs of Yoga - Janet Stone, online


yoga therapy

Georgina Eden

2013 - present

Yoga Outreach Trauma Based Training - Van, BC



Holistic Nutritionist

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 

Vancouver, BC 2009-11

Mind Body Eating Coach

Institute of the Psychology of Eating - online 2018/19

Georgina Eden

Yoga Therapist

Carolyn Anne Budgell

Yoga + Meditation Teacher

Kiley Redhead

Business Coach

Karin Title

Life Coach

Kate Hutchinson

Holistic Nutritionist

Workshops with:

Seane Corne


Mark Whitwell

Michael Stone

Rod Stryker

Shiva Rae

Gloria Latham

Clara Roberts Oss

Christine Price-Clarke

Janet Stone

Bernie Clark

Gabrielle Bernstein


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