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my personal experience has led me to this work. anxiety was my reliable sidekick from early on and faithfully stuck around until my late 20’s.


this, along with struggling against my body and my sensitive and empathic nature were aspects of me i wanted to part from and i did my best to do so.


my approach however led to further and deeper patterns of disordered eating, more anxiety and depression. by the time I was in my 20’s i had a certificate in tourism and was circling in a loop of working in restaurants and traveling with zero idea of my direction in life.


while i grew up on a farm in ontario, i left toronto where i lived to woof (work on organic farms) in costa rica. it was there that i took my first yoga class in a palm hut among the zecadas and the lush surroundings. it was the most uncomfortable, sticky, awkward class - i hated it. but when it was finally over i realized it was the first time i felt light and spacious. i knew i needed this.

the wifi was insufficient and barely reliable so i practiced the poses i remembered daily and reveled in the feeling of ease, calm and lightness in my body.


living on the tropical farm, along with preparing the fresh organic food in communal kitchens with fellow workers softened my connection to eating and food. instead of running away from myself i was finally giving myself what i needed. 


that experience set me on a new trajectory. i enrolled in yoga teacher training and after completing it, moved to vancouver where i registered to become a holistic nutritionist and eventually a practitioner of eating psychology.

i live with my husband and two kids in north vancouver. i see the cliche but they have hands down been my greatest teachers.


my passion is supporting people in reconnecting to the wisdom and intelligence within ourselves and using that knowledge and information to guide us in our lives. 

teachers + trainings


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, ICYAS Toronto, On 2005

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Atlas Studio Waterloo, Ont

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Semperviva Van, BC

Mentorship with
Carolyn Budgell Van, BC

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - Level 1 Van, BC

Teaching Meditation Intensive - Carolyn Budgell Van, BC

The 8 Limbs of Yoga - Janet Stone, online

yoga therapy
Georgina Eden
2013 - present

Yoga Outreach Trauma Based Training - Van, BC


Holistic Nutritionist

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 

Vancouver, BC 2009-11

Mind Body Eating Coach

Institute of the Psychology of Eating - online 2018/19

Georgina Eden
Yoga Therapist

Carolyn Anne Budgell
Yoga + Meditation Teacher

Kiley Redhead
Business Coach

Karin Title
Life Coach

Kate Hutchinson
Holistic Nutritionist

Workshops with:
Seane Corne
Mark Whitwell
Michael Stone
Rod Stryker
Shiva Rae
Gloria Latham
Clara Roberts Oss
Christine Price-Clarke
Janet Stone
Bernie Clark
Gabrielle Bernstein


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