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the nourish series

a mindful eating series to soothe eating and body challenges

through slowing down with our experience of food


why eat mindfully?

so many of our food and body challenges are a direct result of eating too fast. our bodies love it when we slow down, savour and enjoy the entire experience of eating - no matter what we are eating. we were designed for it, our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing depends on it, but many of us have ventured far from this way of being with food.


how does it help?

from calming ongoing and persistent digestive struggles, to soothing disordered eating patterns, to 

better recognizing full + hunger cues, to experiencing 

more pleasure in food, the benefits are noticeable, individual and often transformative. 


the series

this is a 4 wk series.


we will spend an hour together once a week exploring a theme, breathing practices, journal prompts, and discussion.


the themes:

 - awareness - 

a mental focus

how awareness helps

distracted vs. focused eating

observing thoughts


- slowing down -

a physical focus

why savouring matters

our digestive system on stress

breathing practices to calm

- setting the table -

an emotional focus

honouring origins of food

connecting deeper to food

creating ritual

- bringing it home -

focus on personal benefits

cultivate a mindful kitchen

eating rhythm and cycles

the times


tuesdays @ 7-8pm

starting jan 11 - feb 1st

via zoom

the cost

total for series is $150

e-transfer to

or cc here

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