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feel good in your body and relaxed around food.


we often turn to food when we're overwhelmed, uncomfortable or disastified. and while it may distract or numb us for a moment, it is often followed with regret, guilt, shame and more discomfort. a frustrating and confusing cycle, one i am very familiar with.

when we're caught in these patterns, it's hard to give the people or projects in our lives that we care about 100%. that dialogue in our mind about food or our body keep us from fully being present and offering the world our best.

we’ll work from the inside out, learning to be comfortable in your skin and confident about what you're eating. we'll deepen your connection to your body cues, thinking patterns, and emotional world, to create sustainable and meaningful changes.


  • have tried various diets with little or temporary success

  • be confused about what and how much to eat

  • have ongoing and harmful eating patterns

  • feel stuck in a body you don't love

  • be experiencing anxiety and tend to be in your head

  • be highly sensitive and intuitive

  • be binge eating, overeating, emotional eating

  • have food anxiety, digestive imbalances, low energy

  • be ready to do the inner and outer work

this isn't just about food and eating, this is about being fully you.

we can get consumed with our body and hard on ourselves for the way we look. but all that energy is taking away from what you're meant to be and do in the world.

so lets dive in.

let's uncover the root of the challenges you are facing, figure out the food thing, clear up old patterns, and get un-stuck, so you can move forward with your life.


  • eat foods in a way that makes you feel good in your body

  • release harmful eating patterns

  • stop obsessing over food so you can live more freely

  • get to the root of ongoing battles with food and your body and clear the ongoing thoughts in your mind

  • make peace with food and let go of guilt or shame around what and how much you are eating

  • learn to quiet the voice of your inner critic and negative thinking 

  • build a bigger toolbox to stop emotional eating

  • find respect and dare I say it - love - for yourself and your body

  • a more peaceful life, free of control/fear of food



a free 15min discovery call to talk about how i can support you and your vision.




in the 90 minute comprehensive initial session, we get into the story of you. we talk about what brought you here, your history, any medically related issues, and get to know your individual needs. we will work together to see a big-picture vision, with small actionable steps. i’ll provide you with personalized resources, to support you on your journey.


in these 60min sessions, we continue the journey, following your vision. we focus on revisiting and adjusting your goals, talking through struggles you may have, and continue working together to support you moving forward. these appointments are where we dive in deeper and i walk with you through it all.

i also really believe in consistent care between appointments so you have the support you need. included in the cost is the continued support between appointments – that includes ongoing email support throughout our time together.




cost - free


cost - $140*

5x1hr pkg

cost - $625*

we start with a chat and go over the basics of what you're looking for



if conversation went well, we ease into an initial session


if we're a match, we move into a 5 session package (about 10 weeks)

*i don't want finances to get in the way of us working together. contact me and we'll make it work. 

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